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MİMPA was established in 1986 for the wholesale of replacement parts and its exportation in the automative industry.
MİMPA entered the market with it’s lego as a registered trademark with its own production.
Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, England,South Africa,Mexico,Tunusia and Algeria are among the countries that we export our products.
Our goal is to provide high quality products with competitive prices in the market to fully satisfy our domestic and foreign customers.Thus, with new products we ensure that our customers are privileged against their competitors.
We are strengthening our relationship with the other automative factories which are mostly based in Turkey by sending them products. Our biggest goal is to protect the customer
satisfaction rate our trustworthy image and to make our customers different and more powerful against competitors by following product innovations which will make them essential sellers.

*With the awareness of our products’ importance, making no comprimises for our product
quality, to meet the automative industry expectations, and increase reliability.
*Follow national and international rules and standarts to reflect the progressiveness to products.
*Follow technological innovations to adapt them to business.
*Act with a team awareness , to serve our customers with understanding by appreaching
them fast, dynamic and agile.
*To progress by continuous work for improvement.


To act creatively against change and to maintain team awareness by adopting continuous development and innovation as a principle.


To be aware of our products’ importance in peoples’ lives, to make no compromises for our product and brand quality to anwer our customers on time.

As Mimpa Spare Parts;

Turkey is the factory engaged in the production of automotive vehicles, our ties and our strong relationships with product supply factories are further strengthened day by day.


The parts we produce are exported mainly to European countries Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, England and then to Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.


Brand List of spare parts we serve